NEOCPH Crafts & Design

NEOCPH Crafts & Design is part of NEOCPH, we work for the preservation of design and craft traditions.

NEOcph Crafts & Design is an exhibition and sales platform for Danish artisans, designers, etc. We offer “shelf meters” in our store at Ndr. Frihavnsgade 14. 2100 Kbh Ø.

The shop is an active forum where exhibitions, lectures and smaller events are held within everything related to the preservation of Danish craftsmanship and design traditions.

“NEOCPH Crafts and Design” started in 01.01-2022 and is the newest addition to the family along with “NEOCPH Jewellery” ( under the presentation platform NEOCPH

If you want to hear more about the possibilities for exhibition space, sales and webshop in our store in Ndr. Frihavnsgade 14 then write to:
Or call Christian on 71788130 (all weekdays 10.30-17.00)


Started and run by Hjalmar Hjalmarsson and Christian D. Rajkai who also have the store “NEOCPH Jewellery” ( at Nordre Frihavnsgade 12. Copenhagen Ø.

NEOCPH Jewelery is handmade gold and silver jewellery, designed and produced in Denmark by our apprentices and students.

NEOCPH Jewelery is the development and preservation of craftsmanship and design, through investigation and experimentation.

NEOCPH has several measures in the pipeline, including “Friends of NEO” where we focus on the challenges faced by Danish start-ups in relation to production and production facilities in Denmark, and we will continuously update and post information on our websites and various platforms.

NEOCPH Crafts & Design