JoDis hos NEOCPH

JoDis Shoes is a Danish company established in 2016, but our team has over 20 years of experience in the design and production of fashionable quality shoes. This also means that, in all humility, we are quite skilled at making shoes with a perfect fit. This is reflected in an extremely high degree of customer satisfaction.

We have one of the industry’s lowest return rates and customers find that the shoes they order also fit when they put them on for the first time. Industry experience shows that fashion webshops experience that the vast majority of their goods are sent back. We clearly experience the opposite.

We produce shoes that fit in with the times we live in, based on the virtues and trends our customers define.

In practice, this means that our shoes are designed in close collaboration with our customers – from trendsetters, influencers or ordinary women who are curious to collaborate with us.

In 2021, this means that, firstly, the shoes must stem from principles of sustainability and then reflect a self-aware, accessible and independent woman. Shoes that suit the life you want to live – where you easily jump from stilettos to boots, from the trendy to the natural.

Sustainable production is a natural part of our strategy, and thus one of our cornerstones. At JoDis, we do our utmost to think and act sustainably in all parts of our supply chain, and thus play an active role in a responsible approach to the well-being of the planet. You can read more about our sustainability program here.