Trine Thorup

I have a degree in architecture from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and have worked for 20 years in a design studio, where I have dealt with architecture and design.

As my latest expression, I have chosen to immerse myself in the craftsmanship and richness of detail in ceramics.

I have 12 years experience with ceramics and have had
workshop and shop in inner Copenhagen together with two other ceramists. In 2016, I moved to the countryside, where I have built up my own workshop and have been teaching at the same time. I have recently chosen to let go of my part-time job to devote myself 100% to ceramics. Here I enjoy the relatively short path from sketch to product, and can combine my architectural background with my enjoyment of both immersion and the ceramic craft.

Series of blue decorated bowls, glazed inside.

In general, I am concerned with color, shape and texture, and the feelings and memories it evokes in us.

The series of blue-decorated, white porcelain bowls reminds me of fine, fragile and contrasting porcelain from the Royal Porcelain Factory.

The shape reminds me of Japanese-inspired functionalism; the purity, simplicity and craftsmanship.

The traces of the fingers in the raw and unglazed surface of the shard, in contrast to the glazed and soft inside, contain a story about the various stages of creation and remind that the bowl was put into the world to be used; for food, put in the oven, put in the dishwasher. It must be good to hold and easy to clean.

And finally, the unpredictability and wonders of life are materialized in the spots, all of which are absolutely unique!

Just one small bowl contains all that – I think that’s amazing!